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messaging service for schools clubs and organisations

Allows you and your members to send text messages to distribution lists within your group, from your PC. Use our slick online interface to manage users and distribution lists and even allow members to keep their own details up-to-date.

Only Pay to Send

Bundle of 500 messages £40 +vat
Bundle of 1200 messages   £90 +vat
Bundle of 2500 messages £175 +vat
Bundle of 8000 messages   £480 +vat

We don’t charge any sign-up or monthly subscription fees. Simply register for free and only pay for the messages you send.

Messages are bought in bundles and the more you buy the cheaper they are. For small clubs and societies, the minimum bundle of 500 messages will probably be sufficient, whereas a school will need to buy a larger bundle.

All messages are sent using the best premium connections to the UK mobile operators with full tracking of delivery and failures.

Specialist data connections

For schools, we can provide direct data links with your school administration software such as Pearson Phoenix e1. There is a one off charge of £200+vat to set up the link. From then on, any changes in the schools database will automatically be uploaded to In The Loop.